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Our People:

Koua is well aware of the challenges facing Mexico’s indigenous communities. Our social responsibility team has three main aims:

  1. To generate quality jobs with fair pay and safe labour conditions
  2. To work collaboratively with local charities to help meet basic needs and services in Mexico’s indigenous communities, with a focus on women and children
  3. To promote the talent of all craftspeople by recognising and respecting the enormous amount of time and effort that goes into their work

Our Values:

We love what we do. Koua has always been guided by honesty, transparency, respect and integrity. This means that everything you buy at Koua is the result of a just, sustainable and transparent production chain.

Social Impact:

The production methods developed by Koua Mexico have a low environmental impact and a high social impact. All our products are handmade by Mexican artisans. Through the rich tradition enshrined in each one of our products, we at Koua are delighted to share the history, philosophy and culture of Mexico’s indigenous communities. We work to improve the living conditions of the artisans by helping them create their own family businesses and preserve textile techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.


We believe that durable products are the heart of environmental sustainability because they reduce the strain on natural resources and support the preservation of our planet. This is why our products, which are exclusively handmade, are impossible to mass produce. We don’t use chemicals or animal skins and our packaging is biodegradable.