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Nachig, Chiapas

Nachig is a unique, magical place located in Chiapas, Mexico. Meaning “the sheep place”, the people living there are surrounded by beautiful sacred hills where great healers come to pray.

The flowers cultivated in Nachig are the inspiration for the weavers. They draw and embroider to show the place they come from, using three different embroidery techniques: Brocade, hand-sewing and machine sewing. These women have fought to preserve their embroideries tradition and have rescued and kept using ancient designs.

Central Valley, Oaxaca

Located in southern Mexico, the Oaxaca central valley was home to the Zapotecs and the Mixtecs, two of the earliest mexican civilizations, who left unbelievable archaeological sites behind.
The filigree is a common technique in Oaxaca used to create hand-textured silver wire jewellery, which comes from the eighteenth century Spanish and French styles. The mask found in Monte Alban represents the Zapotec god Xipe Totec, the skinned god, who is also the god of the jewelers.

Pahuatlan, Puebla

Pahuatlán is a magic town located in the morthern mountains of Puebla where the Hñahñu community lives. They say a legendary two headed eagle used to take care of the crops there.
Embroidering is a cultural expression in Pahuatlán, a way to say to others that they belong to a certain group. It’s one of the most important activities, a millenium tradition that remains.
Telar de cintura is the traditonal technique, using wool and cotton.

Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca

Very close to Oaxaca city, Teotitlán was one of the first Zapotec communities, founded in the XV century. It is said a bird god landed with stars and constellations showing where a temple should be built.
Well know for its wool rugs. Each rug is hand woven with techniques taught from generation to generation using 100% wool and natural dyes. The designs printed on their textiles and rugs shares the zapotec community cosmovision.

Sahuayo, Michoacan

The land of huaraches and sombreros. Sahuayo is a city is located in western Mexico, near the shore of lake Chapala.

Huarache collection is hand-burnished with a horsehair wheel, employing a centuriesold technique to create them. Koua’s huaraches collection is handmade by local Sahuayo artisans that use vegetarian leather and dyed with natural oils to achieve the color. The huarache shoes and huarache flats are available in many different colours that will give your outfit a trendy chic touch.